FLETCHER LEGAL, PLLC incorporates with NC Secretary of State

It’s Official! As of February 7, 2020, FLETCHER LEGAL, PLLC is officially registered as a North Carolina Law Firm! After almost a year of planning and preparation, attorney Derek Fletcher has registered his second law firm in North Carolina.

Attorney Fletcher operated his first law firm, The Law Office of Derek R. Fletcher, from 2011 to 2015. Based out of Lake Norman, attorney Fletcher gained extensive trial experience by accepting a wide variety of court appointed criminal defense cases.

“Fletcher Legal is a very different type of firm,” attorney Fletcher said. “We started this firm with the idea of leveraging technology in a way that benefits our clients and reduces their fees. I wanted to automate as much of the practice of law as possible, so I spent a year learning website, and then web form coding.”

“So much of the ‘daily grind’ as an attorney revolves around the use of forms. By switching from traditional PDF forms to web forms, we’ve successfully implemented an entirely new way of practicing law. “

Aside from defending impaired driving allegations and other criminal charges, Fletcher Legal focuses heavily on expunging criminal records and helping clients with insurance claims. By automating the process for expunging dismissed criminal charges from a person;s criminal record, Attorney Fletcher says his firm has been able to cut their fees for this service in half.

“Not only have we expanded our geographical reach, because we can file expungements in every county across the state, but by reducing our fees, we’ve expanded access to the law and can service communities traditionally excluded from this valuable service.”

Fletcher Legal prides itself on it’s close relationship with clients, and can be reached by phone, email, or video call.

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