Supervising Attorney, Fletcher Legal, P.L.L.C.

Derek R. Fletcher is the Supervising Attorney and Founder of FLETCHER LEGAL, PLLC, a Charlotte, North Carolina based law practice that defends criminal allegations, expunges criminal records, and protects First, Second, and Fourth Amendment Rights.

Check out our other available Forms, available in both PDF and electronic copies.

These forms are used by North Carolina attorneys in criminal defense representation. While some are filed with the court, others are merely helpful in explaining key legal concepts (such as sentencing guidelines) to clients. Additionally, you’ll find Motions, Client Questionnaires, and local add-on forms.

Included within General Forms are Fletcher Legal’s standard New Client Packet, Mecklenburg County’s Secured Leave form for attorneys, the Firm’s electronic Certificate of Service, and our standard Appearance of Counsel, for entry in any criminal case.

Fletcher Legal is the first North Carolina Law Firm to automate the expungement process, thus reducing client expenses, and exanding access to this vital legal service. Although the Firm’s long term goal includes automating all North Carolina expungements, currently only charges resulting in voluntary dismissals may be expunged using our online service.

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